Luuppi is a joint education unit of the City of Turku´s Finnish and Swedish Adult Education Centres. This unit organises education especially for immigrants and other international student groups. The education is mainly general education and free time activities; in other words, typical liberal adult education.

The Virtual Branch of the Russian Museum

The Russian Museum is the first state museum of fine arts in Russia. It was founded in 1895 in Saint Petersburg. Today the Russian museum is a huge museum complex including six buildings and two parks, a unique storage of artistic valuables, a famous restoration center, a scientific research institute, one of the biggest centers of cultural-enlightening work and a scientific-methodological center of art museums of the Russian Federation.

The virtual branch of the Russian museum is an innovative interregional and international project. The basic idea is to make the biggest collection of Russian national art accessible for everyone. With modern computer technology the virtual branch of the Russian museum can reach people all around Russia and abroad.

There are currently over 180 virtual branches. Turku's branch is the 54th branch and the 3rd branch in Finland with branches also in Lahti and Kotka.
The Virtual Branch of the Russian Museum was opened in October 2009 in the Turku Adult Education Centre. For citizens of Turku it is now possible to be introduced to the treasures of Russian art via multimedia programs and videos. The Russian Museum collection includes over 400,000 pieces of art. This collection represents Russian art from the 10th century to present day. The Virtual Branch of the Russian Museum is now open!

The Russian Museum, the Virtual Branch: