Important to know

How do I know if the course is starting or not?

The course will start if you haven´t received a notification about cancellation of the course. We will not send a notification if the course starts.

How do I pay the course fee?

Kunnan Taitoa Oy/Ltd. sends the invoices to the addres given by the customer and they also supervise the payments. You can pay the invoice either in the bank or in the Cash Services Centre of the city of Turku (Puolalankatu 5). The invoice is valid for recovery proceedings.

How do I cancel my enrolment?

The course fees will be invoiced regardless of the student´s attendance to the course. You can cancel your enrolment online with your registration number and the course number in `Your registration´ on the left. three days before the course starts at the latest: Of successful cancelation you will receive an email confirmation. If you can’t cancel by the Internet, you have to do it in writing either by email, letter or filling in the form in the office. We’ll confirm your cancellation by text message or email. You can’t cancel by telephone. The cancellation is free until 10 days before the course starts. Customer, who cancels his/her enrolment less than 10 days before the course starts, pays the fee of 15 €. If you don´t cancel the enrolment before the course starts, you will pay the whole fee. A notification to the teacher, not attending to the course or unpaid invoice are not considered to be cancellations.

See course description for the type of enrolment. Each course requires a minimum number of students before the course can begin. If there are not enough enrolments the course will not begin.

If you don´t have the Finnish Identity Number you cannot enrol online. In that case you can enrol in the office at Kaskenkatu 5, 2nd floor.

By enrolling for a course you agree to pay the course fee.

Notice! If you enrol for a course but do not attend and do not cancel your enrolment in the office by the second lesson, or when a short course in question, three weekdays before the course starts, the whole course fee will be charged. The invoice is valid for recovery proceedings.

Enrolments to starting 21th of November 2017 at Kaskenkatu 5, 2nd floor.


Please, read the instructions carefully before attempting to enroll.

Courses, Finnish for Foreigners

Other multicultural courses



Kunnan Taitoa Oy invoices the course fees. The invoices can be paid in the bank or in the Cash Services Centre of the city of Turku (Puolalankatu 5). The course fee will be refunded to the student only if the course is cancelled. If more than 1/3 of the course´s lessons are cancelled a part of the course fee can be refunded.

Students buy their own course books and other materials. If the course fee contains a material fee it is mentioned in the course description.


The Finnish Adult Education Center of Turku doesn´t provide insurance coverage for their students. The students have to take care of their own insurance coverage in case of possible accidents in the study groups.

Cancellation of a lesson

In case a course meeting has to be cancelled, notification will be send as a text message or it will be attached to the classroom door.

Participation certificate

A student who has participated in a course regularly can ask for a participation certificate after the course. The cost is 5 euros per course.