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  • Setka is a Russian word for a net, a network or a string bag
  • Setka is a three-year eLearning project launched in May 2002 in co-operation with the Finnish National Board of Education
  • The main purpose of the project is to enhance the studying of Russian in Finnish schools and adult education institutes
  • The co-ordinator of the project is Turku Adult Education Center (Turun suomenkielinen työväenopisto)
  • Our partners in Finland are, for example, The Russian Departments of Turku and Helsinki University, The Department of Educational Science of Turku University, The Finnish Association of Adult Education Centres (KTOL), Lingonet Ltd, The Association of Finnish Russian teachers and Finnish-Russian School in Helsinki
  • Our Russian partners are The Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia (St Petersburg), The Association of Finnish teachers in St Petersburg, School 204 (St Petersburg) and The Finnish Institute in St. Petersburg

The project centres on the following main areas:


  • Co-operative network of Russian teachers in Finland and their further education in CALL
  • Co-operation with Russian partners
  • Maintaining the Setka website
  • Have a look at one example how the Internet has been used in comprehensive school Russian club
  • Creating current and authentic web-based teaching materials for Russian studies
  1. Learning objects (LO) created by teachers - Examples  
  2. Multimedia teaching material Радости жизни 
  • In co-operation with the Finnish National Board of Education and Lingonet Ltd
  • The material consists of a VHS video Четыре дня в Питере and www teaching material, which contains authentic video clips and related grammar, reading, listening and vocabulary exercises.
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  • Offering a chance to study Russian on the Internet. The first beginners’ course in 2003-2004. The Finnish-Russian material is available for all Russian teachers and students on the Intenet Most

Contact information:


Project Co-ordinator Anne Lindholm,



Updated: 30 June 2008